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Baines Family History

In 1946 the Baines of Essex became united with the Browne family from Ireland when Eileen Gladys Baines (1923-2009) married John Richard Browne (1922-2009); Eileen was the youngest daughter of George Howard Baines (1892-1933).

George Howard Baines (1892-1933) and family

George Howard Baines, one of four children of George Baines (1857-1922) and Emma Howard, married Gladys Kate Paul (1897-1972) on the 21 February 1921 in Essex. George and Gladys had two daughters, Eileen Gladys Baines and Rita. 

Gladys Kate PaulGeorge served in the First World War as a Private in the Essex regiment, but returned home from active service when his hand was severely injured.  We don’t know to what extent the injury was, but we do know that it affected my mother (Eileen) dearly; and according to her sister Rita, my mother changed overnight from a happy child to a very serious child.   Eileen and her father later contracted scarlet fever, whereas Eileen survived unfortunately her George (her father) didn’t; he passed away on 24 February 1933.

The younger brother of George Howard Baines, John Cene Baines (born about 1898) married Audrey Boggis, he was an archaeologist and to continue his career in archaeology immigrated to America.

Howard Family History

Emma Howard, the mother of George Howard Baines (1892-1922), was the granddaughter of Jonathan James Howard (1782-1815).  In April 1815 my Great-Great-Great Grandfather Jonathan James Howard and two of his brothers (my Great-Great-Great Uncles) died in a fishing accident while at sea off the coast of Essex catching lobsters.  In their memory the villagers set up a trust fund, and with the money raised the families bought a fishing boat called ‘The Success’.   The three Howard brothers who died were Jonathan James (1782-1815), Samuel (1777-1815) and William Howard (1779-1815).

Greenling Family History
The ancestors of my grandmother, the wife of George Howard Baines (1892-1922), Gladys Kate Paul (1897-1972) marries into the Greenling line through the Fisher family.  My 7th Great Uncle John Greenling (1640-1675) was the first recorded landlord for The Swan in Lavenham, England.  The Swan, originally being three houses that was later converted into the public house in the latter part of the 1600’s.
Watkinson Family History

The mother of Gladys Kate Paul (1897-1972) was Kate Watkinson (1873-1949); Gladys being my maternal grandmother, and so it is through them that William Shearman Watkinson (1859-1935 is second cousin 3 times removed; our common ancestors with William and his brothers being Spencer Watkinson (1778-1831) and his wife Elizabeth Smith (c1807-1837). 

William Shearman Watkinson and his brothers contribution to society is through the work they did for their local community.  William was a Councillor for Grimsby as was his brother Thomas Robinson Watkinson (1857-1935).  Thomas was also JP as was his brother George Spencer Watkinson (1855-1946).  William and four of his brothers also helped to build several Methodist churches in the area including Ebenezer Chapel in Cleethorpes. 

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