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Use the tabs above on the left menu bar for the ‘Surname List’ and ‘Name Index’ to browse a full and comprehensive searchable Family Tree database of about 17,000 people with over 1550 different surnames, some dating back to 1066.  My side of the family is most prominently in the South West of England including Gloucestershire, Somerset, Bristol, Devon and neighbouring counties, and South Wales.  My wife’s side of the family covers predominantly Essex and neighbouring counties, Northern England, and Ireland.  Although many families have stayed in their respective parishes from generation to generation some off-shoots have from time to time (especially since the mid-19th century) moved to pastures new and migrated across the world to make new lives for themselves; including Australia, Europe, Canada, America and even a few in India. This family tree, with over 500 Baglin's and Stickler's, and 700 Oaten's is an ideal research tool for researching these names or any of the other prominent families in the index including Baines, Bang, Browne, Burgess, England, Everett, Greenman, Fry, Sherwood, Jenner, Russ, Willis and many others.

The Surname List is a fully indexed family tree database sorted into family name groups.  However as this website contains a growing wealth of family photos, documents and history you may wish to read the tips on 'How to Use This Site' on the Site Search page.

Split Trees
As my wife's side of the family tree has now matured into a fully grown specimen we've now split the tree into two; Family Tree #1 is my side of the tree with the Baglin's and Jenner's at the base and Family Tree #2 on my wife's side with the Browne's and Baines at its base. Both these sides of the tree can be viewed separately from the appropriate links in the side menu bar above. These new trees are in a new genealogy family tree format giving new dynamic tools for researching you family; the new format includes dynamic and interactive graphical family trees for each family group (pedigree charts).


How to Use This Site.

This site is more than just a collection of individual ancestors, family names, places and date of events in a genealogy website, it also includes an ever growing library of family history, documents and photos; each with its own dedicated section on Nathanville.

If you’re researching family lines covered by this website (the extended family tree and family history of myself and my wife) then check out the ‘Site Search’ page for full details on how to this site to get the most out of it.

Also, as this is an on-going project with the family tree and family history periodically being up dated you may wish to check back from time to time for any new or modified records and information; and if you have anything to contribute (including highlighting obvious errors) to improve the site for the benefit of others then your feedback is most welcome; although please be patient in waiting for replies as due to other commitments I or my wife may not always be available to give a quick response.

Nathanville Genealogy


Currently Nathanville's Family Tree data is presented here in two separate formats, the original database format on these pages and the New Tree Format which includes interactive pedigree charts. I'd be grateful for your feedback on your use of them, and your preference.

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CREDITS, Acknowledgments and Dedications

Genealogy on Nathanville. Anyone seriously involved in family history (genealogy) will know that it is an on going process. This site has been developed from over 30 years of research. Some family lines already added will be enhanced further, and over time many other family lines will also be included. Some hand written documents from the 19th Century (Victorian era) will be scanned, indexed, and published here in various formats including pdf and jpg.

This site is dedicated to: -

  • George Burgess (1829-1905) who wrote his diary and family tree, and did many other writings in later years, including a collection of poems.
  • Pat Bang who provided a wealth of information on the Australian side of the family.
  • Grace Russ and Eva Baglin for the wealth of personal knowledge they provided, and
  • Jim, for his help given in the first publication of `The Diary of George Burgess' in 1974.

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